Why A Collagen Supplement Is Vital

Why A Collagen Supplement Is Vital

We sit down with Nicole Prasad, the founder and director of Proplenish, to discuss the importance of collagen in the body for ageing well and skin health.

  1. What is collagen and what role does it play in skin health?

“Collagen is the most frequently occurring protein in the human body, and is vital for maintaining skin, hair, nails, muscles and bones. Found in the second layer of your skin (the dermis), collagen is what contributes to the strength and structure of your skin.

Unfortunately, our bodies’ natural collagen production slows in our mid-twenties, dwindles in our thirties, and by our fifties and sixties, has disappeared altogether. Combined with harsh environments, poor diet and toxins, the result is what we know as ageing: fine lines and wrinkles, thinning hair, brittle nails and loss of muscle tone”.


  1. What is ProPlenish and what are the benefits of this supplement?

“ProPlenish is 100% natural marine collagen which works to restore the body’s collagen levels from within, re-activate natural collagen production, and minimise further collagen breakdown. Scientifically proven, ProPlenish marine collagen assists to maintain skin elasticity, hydration, smooth fine lines, tighten and even out skin tone. The benefits of ProPlenish marine collagen also extend to hair, nails, muscles and joints”.


  1. Tell us about your new ProPlenish Swiss Snow Algae Facemasks.

“We created the Swiss Snow Algae Facemask with collagen stimulating ingredients to be used in conjunction with ProPlenish marine collagen oral supplements for complete inner and outer beauty. The key ingredient, Swiss Snow Algae, is an exciting new beauty discovery, unique in its ability to fight nature’s free radicals, resist oxidative stress and withstand climatic extremes, it has been scientifically recognised as the key to skin cell longevity”.


  1. What are your top 3 tips for improving the appearance of our skin and getting our skin ready for Spring?

“Start looking after your skin from within. We commonly associate skin appearance with the use of topical products. To see true change and get the best out of your topical products you need to address skin health from the inside out.

Include skin rich anti-ageing superfoods in your daily diet such as berries, cold-water fish like salmon and mackerel that contain omega-3 fatty acids, good fats in olive oil and avocados. Increase water intake and invest in a quality beauty supplement such as ProPlenish marine collagen”.


  1. What other lifestyle tips can you give us that are essential for healthy anti-ageing?
  • “Daily exercise to help reduce the risk of age-related disease and keep you looking and feeling youthful.
  • Get some quality zzz’s. One of the most essential parts of your daily beauty routine is sleep. Lack of quality sleep can contribute to a dull and lacklustre complexion and even affect hair health. Your body boosts blood flow while asleep, feeding important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to the skin and hair. So get some good shuteye to wake glowing!
  • Reduce stress, avoid toxins to the body such as alcohol and smoking. Be conscious of sun damage – invest in quality facial sunscreen and promise yourself to wear it everyday, your future self will thank you!”