Treat Your Feet This Winter

It’s easy to forget about your feet during winter…as the saying goes out of sight, out of mind, right? But just because they are hidden away in your socks and shoes, it doesn’t mean all your foot care habits should go out the window. By taking care of your feet this winter you will save yourself from potential problems (not to mention more work) once spring and summer arrive.

To keep your feet healthy this winter follow our top 3 tips:

  1. Free your toenails of polish

Winter is a great opportunity to give your toenails a breather. Give them a chance to repair from the endless cycle of nail polish applied over summer. Ongoing application of nail polish can increase the risk a fungal nail infection – something no one wants!

  1. Choose appropriate footwear

Invest in good quality winter shoes. Whether that be a pair of boots or a casual trainer, ensure they will keep your feet warm and dry. Apart from feeling cold, wet shoes and feet can lead to a build up of moisture, putting you at risk of smelly feet and Athlete’s foot. Also ensure your shoes fit comfortably. Make sure there is enough room for your toes in the front of the shoe, especially if you are wearing thicker socks. Increased pressure caused by the shoe rubbing on your feet can lead to blisters, callus and corns.

  1. #treatyoself to a little self care massage

Massage cream into your feet to help keep skin hydrated. The cold air outside and the constant use of heating inside can cause the skin to dry and crack. Applying cream regularly will also help your skin look and feel smooth come sandal season.


Massage can also stimulate circulation, which means it’s a great way to keep your feet warm. Resist the urge to warm your feet in front of the heater. This can cause all sorts of problems (think chilblains and burns). Instead take to your feet with some moisturising cream and as they say, rub it like you love it!


If you are having any issues with your feet over the winter months book yourself an appointment with Michelle from Integrated Podiatry Clinic. Michelle practices at Studio PP on Monday evenings, and Tuesday and Thursday mornings. To make an appointment, discuss any foot or leg concerns or book in for her signature medical pedicure please get in touch.


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Integrated Podiatry Clinic

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