Partner Workout

Hannah Bronfman workout

Partner Workout

Throw this sequence into your workout next time you’re at the gym with your partner or as a once off Valentine’s workout….because couples who train together stay together!

Partner High Knee Squat

Partner one holds a squat position with feet positioned slightly more than hip width apart. Raise arms so they are parallel to the ground. Partner two then performs high knees in running motion, exaggerating the knee lift. The goal is for partner two to make knee contact with partner one’s hands.

Partner High Knees


Partner Plank Claps

Begin in a high plank position with arms positioned directly below your shoulders and core is engaged so your body is in the straight line. Facing your partner lift opposite hands from the floor and clap your partner’s hand. Core remains engaged whilst trying to minimise rotation and swaying of the hips.

Partner plank claps


Partner Abdominal Swing

Partner one lays with back flat on the floor whilst holding partner’s two’s ankles positioned above partner one’s head. Partner one lifts their legs straight off the ground whilst concentrating on drawing belly button towards spine. Partner two pushes partner one’s legs away towards the floor. Partner one raises their legs again.

Partner Abdominal Swing


Top image: Hannah Bronfman