Our Method



At Studio PP you are not a number. We believe in performance from the inside out and celebrate our clients being the best version of themselves on and off the mat. We take a 360 approach and believe body and mind are intrinsically connected.


Studio PP was founded by Former Winter Olympian and influential fitness expert, Steph Prem – a name known to many as the spirited Olympic Snowboarder who recovered from an extreme injury. With Steph’s unique approach to getting clients fit and strong, Studio PP is a complete health and fitness destination, with a contemporary approach to Pilates and functional fitness.
At Studio PP, function and form collaborate in a luxe space designed to inspire, motivate and nurture a balanced body and mind. Our team are focused on long-term personal results and engagement rather than superficial short-term impressions.
A full timetable of 50+ classes per week including Reformer Pilates, Boxing, Barre Beats, PP HIIT, Spin Core, Dance Cardio, Stretch & Restore Yoga, and Personal Training are offered with tailored programs focusing on the right results for your body.


The Premium Performance Method is about being the most premium version of yourself and performing at your best in health, fitness and life..
The PP Method can be summarised by our three core values; function, lifestyle and balance.


Studio PP specialises in functional movement. We challenge but do not intimidate. Our method is ageless and for every ‘body’. Our mission is to improve fitness and core stability, strengthening both body and mindset.


Studio PP is lifestyle destination. We live, eat, breathe health, fitness and wellness. We are Melbourne; sports lovers, healthy café dwellers and unapologetic designer activewear addicts.


Our methodology encourages a balanced and innovative approach to health and fitness. We give you all the right tools to optimise your work-life balance and ensure your body and mind connection work in harmony.