Mums & Bubs + Prenatal

Pre/Post Natal classes keep you fit and healthy during all stages of pregnancy and after baby arrives. Safe exercise during and after pregnancy is great for strengthening your whole body, specifically focusing on your deep core and pelvic floor muscles that are needed for:
· labour and delivery
· preventing incontinence once baby arrives
· minimising and repairing diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
· minimising back pain and pelvic instability
· returning to pre pregnancy fitness faster
Group Classes enable mums and their bubs to exercise in a fun and supportive environment. The classes are a mix of mat Pilates, Barre and body weight/resistance band exercises, helping to strengthen your pelvic floor, abdominals and tone your entire body. These sessions are not level specific modifications and variations can be individually taught by our experienced instructors allowing just the right amount of challenge to each client.
By bringing your bub to class you have the opportunity to exercise with your bub never far away and we do encourage interaction during class.
You will need to have an initial consultation before booking these classes.