Dance Cardio

A dynamic, high energy hybrid workout class that works up a sweat without even leaving your mat. (Think modern day Jane Fonda sans the leotard and leg warmers).


PP method class mixes elements from all your favourite PP classes on offer and moves through multiple planes of motion to effectively target small muscle groups all over the body creating long, lean muscle and functional strength.


Join us for classic tunes and electric instructors who combine Pilates, floor barre, dance cardio and body weight sculpting sequences to give you a head to toe sweaty and sensory workout.


No dance experience or leotards necessary, this class is open to men and women of all levels and abilities looking to sweat, detoxify and let loose.


*Please note due to the nature of the class running all at once we encourage clients to be injury free and have good body awareness.


By appointment or referral only.

Former winter Olympian, Steph Prem is fast becoming one of Australia’s leading experts

and advocates for women’s health and fitness. In an era where #fitspo reins, Steph is a

refreshing, genuine and educated voice.