The Benefits of Yin Yoga

The Benefits of Yin Yoga

1) Yin yoga will improve your active practices

Thanks to yin yoga’s commitment to mindfully holding poses, you’ll be more aware of your body as you move through your active practices. Plus, the tension-melting poses will help you move with greater ease and fluidity.

2) Release deep tension in your fascia

Yin yoga safely regains and maintains your healthy ranges of motion in your connective tissue.

3) Unleash more Qi (vital energetic life force in Traditional Chinese Medicine) throughout your body

Yin yoga poses gently unblock stagnation. Your Qi will better move throughout your body, resulting in a sense of spontaneous ease.

4) Soothe your nerves and slow down

Yin yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (your cue to “rest and digest”), which leads to calmness and renewal.

5) Effortlessly create a meditative state

Yin yoga postures physically prepare you to sit longer and more comfortably and bring more receptivity to your meditations. You’ll find stillness in situations on and off the mat.

6) Feel more balanced

No one is expecting you to give up your favourite sweaty classes. Instead, you’ll strike balance between yin and yang practices—and your reactions’ to life’s challenges.

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