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Function, Lifestyle, Balance –

Our philosophy at Studio PP is to

work hard but be kind to ourselves.

The studio’s focus is long-term

personal improvement and growth, rather than

superficial, short-term impressions.


– Steph Prem, Founder

Function, Lifestyle, Balance – Our philosophy at Studio PP is to work hard but be kind to ourselves. The studio’s focus is long-term personal improvement and growth, rather than superficial, short-term impressions.


– Steph Prem, Founder




Steph Prem
Founder / Managing Director / Head Trainer
edit_Kiki BW Headshot
Studio Manager & Dance Instructor
Anna Weatherlake
Head of Corporate Fitness / Personal Trainer / Boxing, Spin, Pilates Instructor
Candice Kino
Head of Pilates / Pre & Post Natal / Personal Trainer
Hayley U Headshot BW
Hayley Uberti
Senior Yoga Instructor / Corporate Yoga / 1:1 Yoga
Ash Headshot BW
Ash Butler
Senior Pilates Instructor / Barre & Spin Instructor / Personal Trainer
Laura Brand
Personal Trainer / Pilates Instructor
Lola Headshot BW
Lola Berry
Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor
Hayley Russell
Pilates, Spin, Barre, Dance Instructor
AI Mei Headshot BW
Ai Mei Khor
Pilates & Barre Instructor / Personal Trainer


“It took me years to find my healthy “home”. I knew as soon as I walked in to PP that I had found the place to support my health goals and keep me strong. The supportive, nurturing and super fun environment of PP is one that I miss when I am away from the studio. The best thing about PP is that although the team is indeed inspiring, nothing is intimidating. Surface Fitspo is out the door and it’s all about sustainable, healthy strength. There is a whole lot of love, support and enthusiasm at the top of those stairs”

“Studio PP’s awesome Pilates classes – byo baby is an extraordinary space for women looking to prepare for, or recover from having a little human grow inside them. They’re not gung ho #fitspo#bouncebackbabybody #skinnyjeans focussed. Instead they are really measured, carefully planned ,strength building classes. When your fitness routine all of a sudden means working around feeds, boobs and naps, you need to go somewhere where the team are super patient, loving and understanding about the realities of bouncing back*.

Sally Branson




“I started doing pilates at PP mid-2015 after a painful first pregnancy, and with a mess of a pelvis. Steph, Candy and the girls got me strong enough and confident enough to fall pregnant again, then kept me strong, mobile, lean and injury-free through my second pregnancy. It was fantastic, worlds apart from my first, horrible (pilates-free!) pregnancy. I cannot recommend pilates enough during (and post) pregnancy. I love pilates, but it’s far more than that at PP. You get community, education, warmth and genuine care. Priceless duff.

Zoe Foster-Blake




“I have been training with Steph and the Studio PP team for two years and have achieved amazing results in that time. Steph lives and breathes wellbeing and fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to the studio and the way she leads her incredible team. Her exuberant, caring personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. The terrific range of classes make each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, super fun! Steph and the team place a high value on correct form with each exercise and the level of care is outstanding. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Steph and Studio PP will grab your hand and lead you every step of the way.”

Danni Hosking




“Steph Prem leads studio PP. It’s a cut above the rest. Her knowledge and positive messaging are unrivalled.”


Matt Rockman

“I had previously subscribed to the fitness theory that if you didn’t finish your workout dripping with sweat and feeling like you were going to faint, then you hadn’t worked out. I started at Studio PP 3 years ago following a soft tissue injury obtained from my ‘fitness theory’…

After a few weeks of classes at Studio PP I realised that my body was developing more lean muscle tone without the bulk. I was physically stronger and mentally happier working out with the varied classes offered, including reformer pilates, all in the one luxe space. Steph and her caring and knowledgeable team have supported me through some monumental life moments. From getting my bridal bod ready for my big day to consciously guiding me through my first pregnancy with appropriate workouts at every trimester, including post natal recovery. Thanks to Studio PP I had an extremely healthy pregnancy and effortless recovery.

The studio is unique in that it’s not just a place to workout, it’s a warm space of encouragement, support and friendship – it’s a lifestyle and a space that you want to spend time in. With their holistic approach to health and fitness Studio PP have given me the tools to live a healthier lifestyle.”.

Nicole Prasad - Proplenish


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