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You only have one body in this lifetime- and no two bodies are the same. Private training sessions are completely personalised to you and YOUR body-type.

Designed and tailored to help you set and reach your ultimate fitness and health goals. We work with you throughout your journey keeping your motivated, accountable and on point with a solid routine and maintenance plan. Sessions focus on functional movement, full body conditioning and nutrition to get the best out of your body and mind. As a PT client of Studio PP you will have access to all the equipment and facilities the space has to offer.

NB: 50min sessions focus on mobility and correct and additional stretching work, along with a premium training session specific to your goals and body. It is a Studio PP requirement that all PT clients commit to a minimum of 6 weeks.

Initial Assessment (required) 

50 minute 1:1 session to discuss your fitness and health goals, assess your physical strengths and limitations and your biomechanics to establish a personalised program for you and give us all a basis to work from.

Got a fitness buddy or 2?

Having a fitness buddy is a great way to stay accountable, social and fit all at the same time. You will get the benefit of personalised instruction like that of a personal training session but with the financial benefit of splitting the cost with your buddy.These fun and personalised classes can incorporate Mat PilatesBarre, circuit training, functional fitness, weights and body weight exercises. Each class is different to insure the body is challenged in new ways. The instructor will tailor each class to suit you and your friend’s fitness and health goals. Talk to us about duo or small group sessions with your friends.

Email for pricing and appointment availability 

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  1. Rebecca lawler | July 9, 2017at4:54 am

    I wanted to know how much it would cost to get PT for 6 weeks. Also, what qualifications for your trainers have?
    Bec x


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