Our Classes - Studio PP

PP Spin Yoga

Combining Yoga and Spin benefits this superman/woman worthy workout is a full-body workout class that combines all the important elements stretching, breathing and cardio work. We take you through an intense 30 mins spin class, then an express towel off and straight into downward dogs and salutations. walk out feeling exhilarated yet cantered. Something for…

PP Spin 50

This class will have you spending 50 minutes on the bike for an amazing cardio, calorie burning and leg and core churning workout. High energy, motivational instructor and playlist will work you through a guided ride of mixed terrain and intensities. Open to everyone – but not for the faint hearted.  


This combination class will have you spending 30-35 minutes on the bike for a strong cardio workout with high energy, motivational instructors with an epic playlist and then 20 gruelling minutes working on your core to give you a full body workout and strength and stability required to be a stronger rider and compliment your…

1:6 Reformer Pilates


Refreshing, challenging, tailored resistance workouts on the new allegro 2 reformer beds.

PP Barre Beats


50 minutes of high energy and invigorating full body workout class!

PP Method


Our signature class. 50 minutes of HIIT (High intensity interval training) circuits designed to improve your overall body conditioning.

PP Yoga Flow

yoga south yarra

Whether you’re a regular yoga guru or are just starting out with the basics, Studio PP’s yoga classes are a great way to unwind and develop your mind and body.

PP Boxing Fit

StudioPP Georgia Firth

Classes are super fun, challenging badass cardio workouts! Allowing you to develop superior upper body strength, quickness and agility, cardiovascular fitness, and improved posture all at the same time, our boxing classes are great for all ages and fitness levels. Our classes focus on specific techniques and drills.

PP Sculpt

mat pilates

Classes are a full body workout using classical Pilates exercises delivered to you with a refreshing modern take, combining body weight and prop based work on the mat.