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What We Do

We offer mat based fitness, bodyweight & pilates classes at a time of your choice during the day (lunchtimes and after work are most popular). Group floor based classes over a 6 week period will improve the immediate and ongoing health of staff. The program will include a mix of cardio, strengthening exercises, flexibility training, spinal mobility exercises, postural exercises and breathing techniques.

Why it’s beneficial to you (and your staff)?

Increased staff productivity
Happier, more contented staff
Lowered stress levels
Lower risk of injury
Less sickness in the workplace

The Program

Choose 1 to 3 45 minute classes per week
Choose when to start the program (program is a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks)
Classes are limited to 10 people to maintain a high standard for personalized instruction
All you need is a floor space large enough to hold the class (most companies use conference rooms, medium to large meeting rooms or communal spaces)
Alternatively we have a Studio in Prahran.

Who are we?

Studio PP has worked with many small, medium and large companies throughout Australia in providing a fun and refreshing approach to workplace exercise that is designed to help each person’s body and mind to operate on a ‘Premium Performance’ level.

Both Steph and Candice are registered Personal Trainers and Clinical Pilates teachers with vast experience in working with elite athletes, corporate employees, time-poor clients, mothers (women’s health) and injured clients. Their fun approach to Pilates and fitness is a reflection of their backgrounds in professional sports and a positive and realistic approach to an active and healthy lifestyle.

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